Reimagine how you connect with ODs and MDs

Engage with the people behind the screens through authentic conversations, next-gen education, and a completely reimagined digital experience that delivers a real-world impact on your sales goals.

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How do Eyes On
events increase sales?

Eyes On events amplify your branding and marketing efforts by showcasing your organization to tens of thousands of eyecare professionals worldwide. Expect expanded visibility through:

1,680 Booth page views

780 Opt-in leads

800 Platinum unopposed symposium viewers

“I’m impressed by the level of organization and quality of CE provided through their free annual CE events. I enjoy the frequent educational blogs they offer throughout the year. Such a great service and resource to the OD community.”
- Alisha Niswonger, OD

What you can expect from Eyes On event sponsorship

  • Increased messaging reach
  • Enhanced brand awareness and industry recognition
  • Greater equity and market share
  • New leads and sales
  • Global accessibility to influencers
  • Recognition as an industry advocate
  • Comprehensive digital analytics you can deliver to your C-suite

Eyes On events are the perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy with transparent reporting and verified leads.

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